Nicholaa Zumbro

Kosta Mavrogenis and Nicholas Zumbro

Kosta Mavrogenis and Nicholas Zumbro

Athens, Greece


St Petersburg

Concert at Tzar's Summer Palace
St. Petersburg, Russia


Shi Gu Zhang and Nicholas ZUmbro

After concert with Professor Shi Gu Zhang
in Beijing, China





Reviews of Nicholas Zumbro



"Zumbro grasped its vision with heroic force and hurled it like one of Emerson's thunderbolts. Rare are the pianists who possess the mental and physical equipment to tackle Ives' mighty Concord Sonata'

--Andrew Porter, The Times, London



"A worthy champion of Ives' music [for the] feat of mastering the technical problems [and for] adding to that a real feeling for the transcendental mystery of the piece."]

John Rockwell, The New York Times



"Given for the first time in Milan the "Concord" Sonata was performed with the greatest success -- the work is denied to him who lacks the highest level of technique and understanding -- by the pianist Nicholas Zumbro"

-Corriere della Sera



"Endowed with great technical capabilities and great range of expression, Zumbro conquered this Colossus, offering us a captivating, unforgettable musical experience."




"Technique worthy of the highest praise…practicality put the audience in his pocket…everybody inundated with emotion. An uncommon effect to achieve!" El Imparcial Sonora



Mr a musician in whose playing the sun shines, irradiating its environment… He is perfectly at home in Granados's efflorescent sonorities, tenuous asides and melancholy. The authority of his reading is not only in its elegance and imagination but in its audacity. He brings to every phrase the kind of rhythmic life and affective precision that would be the envy of most of his colleagues...This marvelous disc is a sleeper…it captures an interpretation of the greatest eloquence and easily assumes its place alongside De Larrocha's and Block's as one of the definitive performances of Goyescas"

- John Bell Young, The American Record Guide


"A particularly fine recording…beautifully played by Nicholas Zumbro, a splendid pianist." (Goyescas) Classic FM, London


"The many finger twisting runs seemed to offer Zumbro no challenge. He mastered the work's enormous technical demands, and turned his attention to tone color and emotion…Zumbro brings his customary confidence to Barber's sonata...unfailing clarity of articulation and rhythm…Splendid recordings of extremely complex scores but essential scores." The Daily Star, Arizona

"Zumbro brings a white heat technique and probing interpretation…an uncanny understanding of the Spanish idiom…Even though it has rough competition in de Larrocha's recording of Goyescas, it compares admirably in every way."

American Liszt Society Journal


"The music demands unquenchable élan ..his temperament seemed just right for creations that swirl, dance, boil and detonate…Zumbro's account appealed on a visceral level." The Courier Journal, Kentucky


"Let me thank you again for your dedicated cooperation at the Festival. I especially enjoyed your forceful rendition of my Fourth Sonata."

- Ernst Krenek


"Magnificent concert …one of the finest piano recitals in the history of our concerts." Richard Bales, Executive Director, National Gallery Concerts, Washington


"I'm listening to Goyescas right now…the Balada, so beautifully played, the Bosendorfer's bass so fabulous…and you so intense and colorful! Well, hats off! This is really a magnificent recording in every way. You play every note as though you own it…and for years I thought only Alicia did…" Charles Timbrell, critic, International Piano Quarterly, author French Pianism